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Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe

My favorite season of all time is Autumn! I love the fall, with the trees changing color, and those flavors associated with the fall season.  Maybe due to my experience as a Pastry Chef, I have always looked forward to the options of “flavor profiles” that relate to the Fall season.   My fondest memories are from visiting an apple orchard with my family and picking apples, drinking hot apple cider and apple donuts always the best part, going on a hayride through the orchard, and observing the process of apples being washed, dried, and packed for the store. Seeing the apple cleaning process made me realize the importance of preparing food so that each ingredient on the plate is...

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Crostata Recipe

When I started working at Scampo, I just knew that I had to have Crostata on the menu. Some of my personal, special combinations include apple and brie; blackberry and sage; blueberry basil and chevre. There can be so many different combinations, either sweet or savory, but my all-time favorite is strawberry rhubarb with thyme and orange zest. It is my pleasure to share it with you. What a combination of a sweet and tart filling with a flaky pastry. Add vanilla bean or strawberry ice cream for an “over-the top” topping. Pastry 1 pound butter 600 grams all purpose flour 100 grams sugar 15 grams of salt 1 pint of ice  water Strawberry Rhubarb Filling 1 16 oz. package...

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

  These chocolate chip cookies have been part of my collection ever since I started my career. The recipe originated with my first Pastry Chef who taught me everything I know. I have changed the recipe so many times that I can't even remember the original. Although I cannot divulge my iconic chocolate chip cookie recipe, here is a spin -off from my personal recipes. My ideal of the perfect chocolate chip cookies is a cookie which is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It should be the ideal compromise between people who prefer their chocolate cookie to be super thin and crispy and others who like more of a softer interior. Chocolate Chip Cookies A digital...

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