Our Story

What is True Passion?
As the Executive Pastry Chef of Pardon my French Patisserie, I use the best quality chocolate with the freshest ingredients to make contemporary baked goods, fitting the style of my bakery. I have discovered my passion and my creative and artistic talents within pastry. My mission is to be unique and spin French Classics with different cuisines.

I started my career as a graphic communications designer, and then flipped my career upside down and began to study at Le Condon Bleu. While in school, I assisted in the opening of Catalyst in Kendall Sq , Cambridge, working as a Food Runner & Host, while staging on weekends with the pastry chef.

I gained knowledge about French cuisine and learned both the traditional and new techniques. Before graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, I had an opportunity for an externship with Finale Desserterie, where I focused on the importance of speed and discipline within mass production. I can honestly say that I learned from “the spoons” of the best professors at Le Condon Blue Paris.

I worked my way up to Assistant Pastry Chef for Alycia Delaney and then I was ready to become Executive Pastry Chef of Forty 1 North, a Boutique Hotel in Newport Rhode Island. There I developed two different dessert menus for the restaurant, all while catering to weddings and private events. I have worked throughout New England and New York. I am very thankful for three amazing chefs -Jesus Nuñez from New York; Jasmina Bojic, pastry chef of The Four Seasons Hotel; and my first Pastry Chef Alycia Delaney.They taught me everything I know. They are the people who instilled the passion and the creativity that I have today.

After I left 41 North, I started working for Mario Batali at Babbo in the Seaport district of Boston, MA. As much as I loved learning Italian cuisine, I realized that I wanted to focus more on French cuisine . That’s when I joined Troquet on South with Scott Hebert and Chris Campbell. They became the essence of family to me.

It was around this time that I had some health scares. When a person has to reevaluate his goals and dreams, you quickly learn what is really important. I felt that for me this was when “the rubber meets the road”. I always felt supported by Troquet, and worked for them for 2 amazing years. During this time, I learned volumes about cuisine and myself, but I also realized that it was the right time for me to make a change.

A friend told me about a position at a new restaurant opening up for Latin cuisine. This became my next career move as I joined the team to became the Executive Pastry Chef for Nahita. It was very helpful that I had personal experience with Latin cuisine from my ministry work in El Salvador & my travels throughout South America. Nahita was a great opportunity. For me it was the case of one door closing, but another door opening.

I was given the opportunity to attend classes at Valrhona school in Brooklyn NY. I learned many things from chefs like Nathaniel Reid, Lincoln Carson, Guillaume Roesz and i hope to continue learning, & evolving in the future.

Currently, I am the Executive Pastry Chef of Scampo. I had worked there for a full year with Lydia Shire and learning from amazing, Iconic Chef, it was the best opportunity I could wish for and suddenly, the pandemic happened. What a shock and disappointment!

I think a lot about true passion. What is it exactly? To me, true passion means going through obstacles that are horrifying and taking that energy and fire as my guide and applying it to my career to follow my dreams. I always loved the phrase, ”Pardon My French”. Some people may think that it refers to swearing, to me it reflects that fact that I don’t want to be singled out and placed in a box. I want to be creative and I want to be able to take dessert and flip them over and mix different cuisines and different ingredients that you wouldn’t expect. I want to be able to surprise you and that’s what my business stands for.

Since the Covid -19 virus has immobilized many restaurants, my partner and I have been baking and donating pastries with 16 amazing Pastry chefs for the healthcare workers at Mass General Hospital. In addition, we are shopping, without charge, for our neighbors who cannot go to stores for their own shopping needs. I have learned the importance of being grateful for whatever I have. I have seen firsthand the importance of feeding the hungry and I have a sensitivity to those less fortunate and the difficulties which food insecurity brings to families .

I hope that this will tell you something about myself, my dreams, and the roads upon which I have traveled.

Today March 23, 2021

I am still Executive Pastry Chef to Scampo Boston returned back to work in October and I also helped open another italian restaurant in Brookline and doing the desserts for Vello Restaurant check them out. the food is amazing. 

Pardon My French has Pivoted to Donut Pop ups and we pop up every month so keep eye out on our instagram. 

This year has been very hard but one thing to remember don't ever give up your passion. I'm happy that I didn't dwell on what was going on in our world that I just kept on reaching for something better